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auto-enter calculation of non-serial number increment

Question asked by pwskura on Jun 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2012 by pwskura

If I want to set an auto-enter calculation to generate a unique iteration of a field, is there an approach you know of to do this?


For example,

I have records of computer host names. All the records exist generally (as a static IP list), but the host name field gets changed regularly. They need to be unique. The practce is to default to account name, with successive entries getting a numeric suffix. Thus, if "jed" exists, the next time I try to enter jed, the field would be auto-entered with "jed-1" (plus domain suffix). And if "jed-1" exists, make it "jed-2". It is not a serial number and it is not just a numeric suffix.


Right now I auto-enter the account name and tack on the domain suffix. So, I enter account then as I tab to the field in question it has auto built the name, then I need to manually insert the number between the account name and the domain suffix to correct the name. The name itself is referenced from DNS and so I cannot change the practice, rather I want to attempt automating following it.


My concept seems simple as algorithms go, but how does one implement this in FileMaker?


Thanks for tips on this!