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Selecting multiple fields in layout mode?

Question asked by MarkB on Jun 7, 2012

Hi All,

I'm working on a layout (FMPA-12, Windows XP) that has a locked Tab covering most of the layout. I have completed the field placement on the 1st and 2nd tabs and am working on the 3nd tab. I want to copy all fields and text from the 2nd tab to the 3rd tab. Usually, not a problem (FMP-11) - I just drag the clicked mouse over the fields, copy, move to the destination and paste. What is happening now, is after copying the desired fields and text when I paste on to the 3rd tab, what gets pasted are all fields from the other tabs plus the outline of the entire locked tab which causes the layout to want to expand. To make this work, I must shift click on each item individually, then copy and paste. Has the click and drag mouse feature been changed in FMP12?

Thanks, Mark