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FMSA 12 IWP Tabs Browser Back Button

Question asked by JamesReed on Jun 7, 2012

I've got a repeatable problem that I've tested with multiple databases, servers (Mac and Windows), and web browsers that is proving quite detrimental to my clients.


Basically, on a layout with a native tab panel on it, if a user is accessing it in IWP and leaves that layout, then presses their browser "back" button, it will not only have unexpected behaviour, which is to be expected, but it actually stops the web publishing engine, which then needs to be restarted.


This was first noticed on databases that had been upgraded from previous file format, but since replicated with databases created form scratch in 12.


Same database on FMSA 11, same actions, might give the user an error but will not terminate the web publishing service.


Obviously end-users aren't supposed to use the browser back button, but out of habit may, and this simple action takes down the IWP.


Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this (presumably from the rewrite of the web publishing engine).


Also: anyone know how to construct a "monitor" shell script for Windows Server 2008 that will watch the web publishing engine and restart it if is stopped?


Thanks in advance for any help!


James Reed


(Small Movie attached showing repeatable actions)