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Tab Panel in a Portal issue

Question asked by TimGriffith on Jun 7, 2012
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[Working with current updated version FMPA on update OS X Lion]

I had a portal with lots of fields. The portal worked properly. I organized the fields into logical groups and created a tab panel in the portal, with each panel housing the original fields from the original portal. I made sure there is ample distance from the edges of the tab panel to the parameter of the portal (and ample distance from the fields to the parameter of the tab panel). Now in browse mode I only get the first related record from the portal, and when scrolling, the portal shows empty rows scrolling up as usual, but disappearing under the first (populated) portal row. I have never tried tab panels in portal rows before this. Is this a limitation in FMPA 11? - or is there a technique someone may know to achieve functioning tab panels in portals rows. TIA