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Database Server Crashing - ODBC/ESS related?

Question asked by jmrusch on Jun 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

I have a client running FMSA 12 on Lion; they just converted earlier this week. Mostly going okay, except one server script (that has been running fine nightly for over a year on FMSA 11) crashes the database server. The FM Server log shows nothing.


I set up some logging within the script itself to narrow down the problem. It turns out to be a find on a timestamp field in an MS SQL Server database (BlackBaud) that is accessed via ESS using the Actual Tech Driver for SQL Server (latest version, 3.1.4). I can cause the crash if I attempt the same find from my copy of FMA 12 accessing the hosted database.


Other finds on other fields in the same MS SQL Server database table work correctly.


I'm able to replicate the crashing behavior if I try to sort on that same timestamp field.


Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.