Managed Containers on Server - Alternate Locations?

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Jun 8, 2012
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Is there any way to alter the way in which FM12 deals with managed container file locations? I've read the brief from Wim Decorte & Steven Blackwell, which is accurate, but I'd like to go further.


I'm working with a commercially available solution that has been using Troi File for a long time now, and we've gotten adept at having the solution administrator specify the paths for referenced container field data. Now, we are trying to move to managed containers for both security and cross-platform compatibility. The issue we are trying to tackle is when there is not enough storage space on the same hard drive as the default FMServer database directory.


Is there any way to store the managed container data on an alternate hard drive (either physically connected or a network share)?


Is there any easy way to do this, prfreably by setting a preference field within the solution itself?


As people are moving to SSD and other types of drives, I can see how the solution itself can be loaded onto the SSD (one install is about 13GB), but the container data is going to be hard to accommodate (about 100GB and growing faster than the database contents).



Drew Tenenholz