Solutions are complex, right?

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I'm rebuilding a database that I created when I knew nothing about Filemaker and developing databases. Since, 3 years later, I'm a few steps away from that know-nothing state, I see some messes that I made in the previous version.


But I'm still troubled by the fact that my reelationship graph is well-populated with instances of tables. I keep thinking I'm taking an inefficient method by creating relationships that help me filter out the data. But my thinking is incorrect, right?


Systems get complex. The more functionality, the more ways you have to look at data, whether displaying it in a portal or a graph, you need multiple instances of a table. Right now all my students' grades are in one table with five fields: student ID, grade, class, school year, and subject. I need to display the data in different ways: By year, by subject, etc. And one of those ways is to use a relationship.


I saw a recent post about someone creating a different TO for each global field to allow choices for the user, with the 2nd, and 3rd and so on field narrowing the choices based on the previous choice.That requires multiple TOs. That's just how it works. right? Sometimes you have multiple TOs, to accomplish what you need.


Solutions get complex, right?


Can anyone show me what your relationship graph looks like? (not sure if that's highly-protected stuff or not). I'd like to just confirm that as the systme gets complex, the relationship graph grows and grows and grows.


I am coming into a fairly deep understanding of the power of the relationships piece of a solution. I am sure there's more to learn.


^ just my random thoughts.