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Need some advice on just how to set this up correctly.....

Question asked by flyguy202 on Jun 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2012 by karendweaver

I am trying to build an application (Filemaker Pro 11) and can't quite get my head around the best way to set up my tables, etc. Basically the larger part of the database is a no big deal Contact Management style database. However, a small subset of "contacts" will become "clients". Once a contact becomes a client, I need to create a set of about 300 records, keyed to the new client, each with from two to maybe five or six or more fields. These records will contain the new client's "selections". For example: Client is John, his selection for "Roofing" is "Concrete tile", "Style 112", "Color green" = a record with four fields keyed to client John.


My initial thought was to have a table that had a Master Set of all of the possible records and fields needed and to then some how copy these records to a related child file to the Contract Management table keyed to the new client. Further my thought was that once the contact became a client, there could be a button that would start a script that would copy the records into the related child table. I have a suspicion that there is probably a better way to implement this but I don't really have a clue


Also, there seems to be many threads on how to copy records from one table to another using loops, but a lot of people seem to have trouble with this. Being new to Filmmaker Pro, I am a little wary of trying to implement a copy from one table to another especially if there is a better way to set up my application.


So is this the way to go?