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FileMaker Server RAM Cache - Under the Hood

Question asked by Jeremiah_Hammond on Jun 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2012 by taylorsharpe

Does anyone here have knowledge of the ins and outs of exactly how the RAM Cache works in FileMaker Server? Kinds of answers I'm looking for include:


  1. If the cache size is greater than the combined total of all hosted files, will Filemaker Server put all files into memory the moment they're opened?
  2. If the cache size is smaller than the combined total of all hosted files, how does FileMaker Server determine which parts of files are put into memory?
  3. Does FileMaker Server fill up the cache the moment the files are opened, or does it wait until the 1st time a record is requested? Even then, does it put *just* that record into cache? The entire table where the record came from? The table's index only? The entire file?


One of the main reasons I'd like to know this behavior is that it's informative as to what kind of gains there will be if you throw an SSD at FileMaker Server if "everything" is in cache. You wouldn't expect there to be many benefits to speeding up the storage system in that environment, but it truly depends on how Server manages the cache.


Links to white papers, references to DevCon presentations, etc. would be wonderful.