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Web View source attribute doesn't return the URL of the displayed page

Question asked by judismith on Jun 8, 2012

I'm using FMP 12 Advanced and I am working with a web viewer set to mail in Google Apps. I've run into something that I don't quite understand.


The viewer is set to go to the home page Google Apps Mail. I use the customized redirect URL - so its That shorter URL redirects to after login. To this point everything works as expected.


Then I click on a button with a script that puts up a dialog box with the URL grapbbed from the source in it. The URL displayed is the original shortened URL - not the actual URL. No matter where I navigate to, the URL returned never changes. BUT, if I set the URL of the viewer with a script to a URL within the Google Apps Mail app (URLs outside the app don't work) and then send it back to the URL for the inbox, from that point forward the URL received from the "source" attribute changes as expected.


Also, this behavior is the same if I start with the longer "" URL.


I have checked for misplaced spaces or returns - there are none.


Does anyone have any thoughts what is causing the bahavior and more importantly how to avoid this?