Web Viewer content attribute returns different page's HTML source

Discussion created by judismith on Jun 9, 2012
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Hi everyone,


Once again, I'm working with the Web Viewer and GMail. When use GetLayoutObjectAttribute("viewerName";"content") the HTML source is from the wrong page.


Here's the example: In Browse Mode, I navigate to the Web Viewer. The Web Viewer is set (via script to work around another problem) to navigate to my Gmail Inbox page. Then click on an navigate to an individual message. Using GetLayoutObjectAttribute("ViewerName";"source") I verify that the URL for the web page currentlly displayed in the Web Viewer is correct.


Then staying on the same layout page, I simply execute a scipt to GetLayoutObjectAttribute("viewerName";"content") and place the results in a field.


When I examine the field, it is from the GMail Inbox page and NOT the individual email page.


Here's what I *think* is happening.

1) Rather than grabbing the HTML already loaded in the Web Viewer, the web viewer tries to go out to the web and download the source.

2) When it goes out to get the HTML source, for some reason it is having trouble with the ?query_string.

3) As a result it truncates the URL which then resolves back to the Gmail inbox.


Is this a bug, expected behavior? Does anyone know of a work-around?


Kind regards,

Judi Smith