Value list bug in version 12?

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Jun 10, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2012 by keywords

I am having trouble with values that are included in the 'also show values from' in value lists, whereby I am choosing to show only values from the second field.

The first value is the id number of the record, the second value is calculated text to give the user a summary of the record.



Record ID (number) calc (text)

00001 1000-23 Product A: Black


I am applying a pop up menu on the layout, which would NORMALLY would show only the values in the second field.


What I get within the pop up menu is the correct values showing in a list eg: 1000-23 Product A: Black, however, click out of the drop down list and what shows on the layout is the number 100023, it's as if the calc showing on the layout is a number result, not text!! huh?


I am dealing with a large number of records, I seem to recall a similar bug being mentioned with previous versions??


Is this a bug? Has anyone else seen this?