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    Getting Solutions Ready to Sell




      I've spent the last year and half building a solution specific to my industry of work. Now that it is running well, others in my industry have expressed interest in buying the solution from me. I have no idea where to start. Is there a site or developer that could help? Someone I could hire for advice?



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          Do you own the copyright to the solution?


          Decide how you imagine the product will be sold and installed by the clients. Is there much interaction with you the developer? Does the solution need developer expertise to install and set up? Will it use the runtime or FM Server and Pro?


          Portability, maintenence and support are big issues. As is marketing.


          Portability refers to installation, platform compatability, and regional settings. Will the solution still work if the client prints to A4 instead of US Letter? There needs to be a way to change the company information for things like invoices.


          Maintenence includes updates and data migration.


          Marketing includes trial and demo versions, and branding for the solution.


          In my experience, all this stuff takes about as much time and effort as the original development.

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            Thanks Vaughan! You have given me a few things to think about.  One thing I would mention, that I neglected in my original post, is that I did not intend to sell this solution.  Our field is extremely specialized, and it really helps our business.  There is always collaboration in what we do, so naturally other companies want to know how we do things and us them.  They find out about this solution, and now they want to buy it!  It could really help them too, but it's sounds daunting to get it air tight enough to sell.  With all that, I still would like to pursue, just need guidance

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              We were originally going to supply 'shrink wrapped' solutions. However, we abandoned that in preference to supplying only via cloud servers. This way we can always provide support and 'tweaks' to our customers as we've always got fast developer access to our solutions. We've found, no matter how generic we make something, there always seems to be some unique feature required by each customer.


              The other advantage that swayed us was that we could introduce monthly or annual licensing rather than outright purchase, which allows customers to grow or contract as their needs change and provide us with on-going revenue.


              The other major factor has been the separation model, allowing both upgrade and downgrade capabilities for the interface file. However, this doesn't work when additional fields are required in data files, when again having full access to the source via the cloud provides the necessary accessibility. As we're using Citrix XenApp to access the solutions, the risk of data corruption due to network interruption is greatly reduced.


              Food for thought.



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