Portable Server Caveats?

Discussion created by dchabot on Jun 11, 2012

Hello Everyone,


I have a 11Adv Server in Florida and I'm planning to go to another location for 3 months and am thinking about taking the server with me.

I'd plug it in at the new 'temporary' location for 3 months. I know I'd have to change all external datat sources, etc. but is there anything else anyone can think of

that will make this an 'unadvisable move'?


My reason for the temporary transfer is that I'm leaving Florida location for several months and will be back in Florida for 8 months. I do this every year but my concern

is that Florida gets major storms, lightning, hurricanes, etc. and I don't want to be at the mercy of having people go to the location and rebooting internet

everytime there is trouble with internet caused by storms, etc.


I recently transferd sever files from Mass to Florida for a new server setup, and that proved to be cumbersome, with creating new opener files, external data sources, scipts, etc.

so should I expect the same consequences making another move? Probably just answered my own question there!


I'm still having fleeting issue's with new server setup in that clients get intermittent error messages like 'Filemaker cannot share files because 'Sharing' is turned off', and

a ridiculous message that popus of again fleetingly 'Licenses are maxed out' or something like that. All clients have purchased individual Filemaker Applications.


Oh, at the new location it's network config is DHCP via Cable, but I can assign the server a static 'dhcp' number through the firewall.

The current network network config is a static Cable ip.


So, the question is I want to bring the server with me which entails a location/ip change twice a year.

What are the things I have to do to accomplish or should I just leave it alone and take my chances.


Thanks so much!


Deb Chabot