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Web Speed Lag

Question asked by msawyer on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by submarine

We have are testing 12 in preparation to moving a system across.


During testing, we have all noticed intermittent slowness on the FM12


Here is what we found:

(1) it is not an issue with the code, since the problem still occurred after stripping down the login page


(2) TEST PAGE runs 80 queries nonstop: first, 20 fx, then 20 FM API, then 20 XML1 and finally, 20 XML2

The numbers are the seconds that it takes to run the query, which are usually 1/10 sec, except when it lags

The time in seconds is for the query only - no display of data or any other code.

The 20 queries (eg, using fx) are the same, so the time differences are du e to server resources


The results:

If no one is on the system, the first two queries always take 20 seconds, then the queries are fast

One minute later, the queries are slow 10 sec + 10 sec (approx)

Then the queries speed up again , about 1/10 sec

Every minute, the queries slow down.


Effects of running it simultaneously in two browsers:

While the first page is running the 80 queries, open the page in another browser (don't use same browser, you will be in same session)

You will find that the queries on the second page hit a lag at the same as the queries on the first page. If the first page has just finished the lag when you open the page in the second browser, the first queries will be fast.



The first query causes something to run. (I will call it a process.) It may be some type of connection script. (database? port ? or?) Something that must be active in order for FM db to be accessed

This process runs every minute and takes about 20 seconds (because this is how long the queries are delayed during the lag time)

When a query is run, something checks to see if the process has been run in the last minute; if not, it runs the process and re-sets the process clock to run one minute from that time.

If there are 2 browsers open running the queries, instead of taking 10 seconds each for 2 queries (20 seconds), one query takes 20 seconds, so it becomes slower with added users.


The Effect

If you log in and it has been more than a minute since anyone has run a query, your login will be slow

If someone has logged in more than 20 seconds but less than one minute ago, then your login will be fast

If you run a search or any other action that requires a query and it has been more than a minute since someone else has r un a query, it will be slow




Would be interested if anybody has either exprienced this issue or has a view on its causes. Other than the lag the system is considerably faster.


System is running on a new server with 12gb of ram allocated to FM and fast HD's