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    Container external storage




      When I try to drag or import into a container I get the message "Cannot write file to the external storage"

      I have created 2 databases one of which is just for containers and I have added a container field called document to both. Neither will work. The storage path is (hosted location)/Files/fm 12 wsheet/ with open storage at "fm 12 wsheet/document and secure storage on the other.

      When I look at manage containers the path is the same with new /edit / delete etc. greyed out.

      It works great for local storage but I get error 852 when I try to transfer the data to external.

      This is on a previously locallly stored databse that I have converted to FM12 and uploaded to Server 12. The server is a new installation.

      If I create a brand new databse with external storage it works perfectly and shows the path as (databse location)/files instead of (hosted location) etc and I cant find a way to edit the path


      Any ideas please.


      Thanks Mike

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          I'm having a similar issue, and so far all the info that I can find FM Server won't allow you to store external data anywhere but on the same drive as the server installation.

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            Stephen Huston

            In disucssions of the new FMP12 storage options with FMI engineers, it has been noted that served files have limitations regarding external storage, and that external storage on served files should be set to Secure, not Open, for optimal use. Nobody should have access to the served container data via the OS-level in any event.


            The option to use Open external storage was an added feature, intended for user convenience on local files, with the caveat that you still cannot risk editing anything in the Open storage file structure except via the FM interface.

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              Whilst the new FM 12 containers and the external storage features are pretty cool, I have not adopted them in many solutions for that reason.


              My preference is to put the images elsewhere (eg a web server) and calculate their path to display...


              - Lyndsay