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Container external storage

Question asked by mwesuk on Jun 12, 2012
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When I try to drag or import into a container I get the message "Cannot write file to the external storage"

I have created 2 databases one of which is just for containers and I have added a container field called document to both. Neither will work. The storage path is (hosted location)/Files/fm 12 wsheet/ with open storage at "fm 12 wsheet/document and secure storage on the other.

When I look at manage containers the path is the same with new /edit / delete etc. greyed out.

It works great for local storage but I get error 852 when I try to transfer the data to external.

This is on a previously locallly stored databse that I have converted to FM12 and uploaded to Server 12. The server is a new installation.

If I create a brand new databse with external storage it works perfectly and shows the path as (databse location)/files instead of (hosted location) etc and I cant find a way to edit the path


Any ideas please.


Thanks Mike