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Question asked by drraf on Jun 12, 2012



I am using Filemaker Pro 11 for my production work.
Currently i am having following related tables i.e.


Batches_table ------------- Production_order_table----------- Lineitems_table --------- Products



At the moment for every new production order i have to manually enter all twenty ingredients in the recipe and then a script is run which subtract that much quantity from the inventory.


Now i want to add a functionality in which i just want to add a new recipy table so that when a new production order is made , it automatically pulls recipy of twenty different ingredients from the formulation table and when i run script it automatically subtracts from inventory. So dont i dont need to add each of twenty ingrediients in production order every time.

Can somebody help me what kind of scripts i should run.


Looking forward for early reply.


Best Regrads

Dr Raf