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List View - Current Record Position

Question asked by carlos_panda on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by carlos_panda

As I understand it, when one enters a list view layout (from another table) the list should scroll so that the current record is displayed at the top. The exception to this would be when the current record appears on the last page and the list cannot therefore scroll any further.


My problem is that generally, but not always, (it depends from which layout I start) the current record appears at the bottom of the list. Anyone have any idea why?


I have tried disabling any scripts / script steps that could interfere (on layout enter and on record load in particular) and have tried to check for anomalies using the Script Debugger but all to no avail.


Is it likely that the record position is based on TO relationships?


Of course there are workarounds, albeit rather clunky, eg: run script on layout enter: Freeze, Set Variable ($VAR = Get Record Number), Go To Record (Last), Refresh, Go To Record ($VAR). The problem with this solution is that the list performs a visible jump due to the refresh step (similarly if Refresh is replaced with a Pause (0 sec) ). Perhaps there is another way to move from Go To Record (Last) to Go To Record ($VAR) without losing the freeze status...


p.s. I would have expected Scroll Window (To Selection) to have been perfect here but sadly it requires an enterable field in the current record.