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GetLayoutObjectAttribute stays empty from page in webviewer

Question asked by Menno on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by steve_ssh

Hi Everyone,


in the attached file i am attempting to capture an anchorlink after a user has clicked on a car in the parking with:


GetLayoutObjectAttribute( "webviewer" ; "source" )


This works perfectly on windows and macos where i have the image and the html-page written to and read from in the temporaryfolder.


However this scheme doesn't work on iOS because it is not allowed to show local files in a webbrowser (and thus not in a webviewer). I solved that by putting the image as a base64-encoded text-string in a field and show the html-file directly from the field where i generate it with the image embedded in the html. I would expect that the webviewer would give me the same result with GetLayoutObjectAttribute( "webviewer" ; "source" ) when i click on a car or parking-space on my iPad, but it doesn't, it allways returns the full html-code of the page.


Does anyone of you have an idea on how to approach this?


thank you for any reaction


regards, Menno