How to add info into a field automatically in new record?

Discussion created by gcastle on Jun 11, 2012
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I'm just learning Filemaker Pro after spending 18 years in MS Access. I want to write a script (including , "gotoLayout", "New Record") that takes My Primary key field info (from my Company_Form) and puts it into a different layout's (my Projects_Form) Foreign key field from a button on the Company_Form. I've tried the "SetField" function with no luck. Does it involve calculatons at some level. The light bulb hasn't come on yet for me. In my databases in access I used to sometimes transfer field data from one form's field to another form's like field making a new record with the first form's info entered automatically into the second forms new record. I always passed the Primary Key to the new record in the second Form and sometimes up to 5 or six other fields to their respective equal fields in the second form's new record.


Maybe this isn't done in Filemaker in the same way. Please Help!

Thanks in advance,

Gary Castle


Access Ex: Forms!Company!CID=Forms!Projects!CID