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Date Index in FM 12

Question asked by crusecontrol on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by crusecontrol

Has anyone had any trouble with the indexing in FM 12 being in US format? This makes data based value lists useless in the UK. It seems that no matter how you format the date field to diplay, the index always shows in US format (mm/dd/yyyy, rather than UK, dd/mm/yyyy. This means that dates over 13th do not diplay if filtering the list (you just get the "?" symbol) and selecting them when they do appear in non filtered value lists gets them rejected as an invalid date. The @ and " symbols also seem to be swapped now on PC's, making me presume that we have lost the UK English install settings, or something.


You also have to know unusual keyboard shortcuts to 'paste without formatting' into fields, no matter what you do to the field preferences etc., or write script triggers to strip out formatting, but that is another story.


FM Support in the UK suggested that I contact FM Feature Requests to get back UK/European date indexing. Seems like we have lost the UK install. Can't belive no-one else has noticed or handled this. Any ideas? I have created a calc. field to do the date conversion in value lists for now, but this is clumsy.