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Migrating from a .fp3 database

Question asked by dhgerstman on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by dhgerstman

I have been tasked with migrating an old database to the current version of FileMaker.


Until now I've been prevented from doing anything because I keep getting prompted for User Names and Passwords that the original developer doesn't know or doesn't remember.


Using a "Guest" login, I have been able to access most of the tables and most of the records, but, obviously I need all of them.


How can I best get around the login issue?


Is it reasonable to assume that I could tough it out and figure out how to upgrade the old version on my own or would it be better to go with a service who upgrades FileMaker databases professionally? (Or are there tools that would expedite the upgrade process?)


Aside from having copies of the original files, what information do I need to know from the original creator in order to be able to upgrade successfully?


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