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FM12 containers BUG in a multi-platform environement.

Question asked by thomas_staehli on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by JStars

I've been struggling with the new "enhanced" container in filemaker 12. I know it's a great feature and all, but for the moment, I'm not really happy with it.


I've been developing on windows using the new options of the "insert file" script step and I was happy with it. When I display a container as interactive content I get a preview, and when I display a container as image, I get an icon with the file name.


Perfect right?


Well it was until I decided to open the solution on mac. displaying the container as interactive content still shows the content, that alright. But displaying the container as image shows a distorted image of the first pdf page.


After some more testing, I realised that depending on how I insert the file, on which platform I insert it and on which platform I view it, I don't get the same result. This is really annoying on a multi-platform environnement.


Any ideas how to change this? I've tried to change the insert file options and insert as incon and filename, but then I can't use it as interactive content anymore.



Insert / ViewView on windowsView on mac
Insert from windowsWin_Win.pngWin_Mac.png
Insert from macMac_Win.pngMac_Mac.png