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    Portal keeps reshuffling if no selection made.


      I have a portal with a field /value list drop down.

      For some reason or other when I select the drop down and don't pick anything instead clicking on another field my portal records are reshuffled moving the top portal record drops to the bottom.

      If I do this enough times it will eventually get back to the top.

      We recently moved to FMA12, not my choice.

      Has something changed with portal function?


      The only thing that is different from the FM11 is that we had a catastrophic drive failure and just got our data back last week.

      As far as I know all the files were converted properly when we "upgraded!" so I'm not sure why this is happening.




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          Stephen Huston

          Is the portal either sorted or filtered? Is the relationship to the portal records sorted? WIll the selection from the value list affect either the filter or sort order(s)?


          If the files went through a crash, you might consider using the Recover tool on them just to Rebuild the Indices, which, of course, control the relationships. The Reindexing of files via the Recover tool IS SAFE to use with files which continue to be used, unlike some other Recover functions.