JDBC Driver doesn't like nulls?

Discussion created by kmtenor on Jun 12, 2012

We have just begun working on converting all of our data transformation jobs from using sljc.jar/FMSA10 to using the fmjdbc.jar/FMSA12 combination. We are running the fmjdbc.jar file dated 3/10/2012 to set up our transforms in an open source ETL tool called Kettle, which we've used for years with the sljc.jar file and FMSA10 with NO issues.


In setting up our first transform into FMSA12, one of the fields that was being inserted into the database had NULL values in it. Every time we attempted to insert the NULL values into FMSA12, the process would fail on the insert of the first row that had a NULL in it. When this happens, the ODBC service on the server fails, and the only way to get ODBC working again on the server is to open the Admin Console, go to Configuration->ODBC/JDBC, uncheck "Enable ODBC/JDBC", click "Save", and then re-check "Enable ODBC/JDBC" and click "Save" again.


We double-checked the database, and the field being targeted does NOT have validation turned on, and should be allowing NULL values to be entered into it. As soon as we populated the field with a non-null value prior to attempting to insert it, the insert worked just fine. This feels like an issue with the driver itself, as we've never had issues like this in the past with inserting NULL from Kettle into FMSA10.


Is there a newer version of the JDBC driver that we should install that would fix this issue? If so, where do we go to get it? If not, what further information do we need to provide to the developers in order to get this issue resolved? It's going to be tedious at best to root out all of the NULL values and replace them with <something else> in order to satisfy this driver's inability to cope with the concept of NULL.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.