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    Importing Excel data


      Hi all,


      This may seem rudimentary, but I have a need to import data in Excel format in what may appear to be an X-Tab format.


      What I would like to acheive is a scenario where iOS devices can be updated as to current stock levels held in our warehouse, most probably via import on a daily basis over WiFi in our office.


      I am sure that there is a clever way to do this, but would greatly appreciate any input as to suggestions how best to go about this.


      I have attached a spreadsheet that shows the originating format, and shows Fabric and Style types in the 'x' axis and Size in the 'y' axis.




      Stuart Firth

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          Not to say it's impossible but if you plan on doing this daily, you might be better off changing things at the transmitting side. Otherwise you'll need to import into a temp table and have a script parse out each column in turn into separate records.