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    Newbie FTS 11 Module 3 Stuck on xml import step


      Hello new developer just starting out.


      I'm stuck on the import contacts.xml to the contact table step in module 3 of FTS 11. The instructions say to be on the Contact Layout in Browse mode which I am. I try to import the contacts.xml but there is no target: current table on the target drop down. What am I missing? It is probably something simple but after a couple of searches I can't find any documentation addressing this problem.


      Here are some screen shots of what I am seeing:



      Thinking back, I deleted the contact table that was just sitting without any relations in the relationship tab. Could that have cause the problem, if so, is there an easy fix?

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          The layout you are on defines your table context through the table occurance that the layout is based on.  If you've deleted the underlying table than both the TO and the layout are oprhaned and not linked to any base table.  That would make  the target dropdown empty.


          No fix for that, you need the contacts table...  Once you have it back, make sure to repoint the TO that the layout is based on to the new contacts table.

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            Thanks! I went back to the beginning of the section and followed the steps exactly and this time there was no issue. But thank you for taking the time to give me an explaination of what happend sometimes you can learn more about whats going on from the mistakes you make than you do just from following the steps and doing things right.


            I thought the relationships tab was purely relationships but now I know it shows the underlying table structure and if I delete tables there I can orphan my layouts.