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Script status "running"

Question asked by dburnham on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by BowdenData

I have a script that has been functioning on a 3-minute recurring interval, most of the time running without difficulty.


Sometimes, the Status column in the Admin Console reports "Running" but in fact, it seems to be just the opposite. It says "running" but it is actually paused.


If I connect with a FileMaker client and execute the same script, it performs perfectly. Nothing in the script has changed for many months, so I don't know what would cause it to hang up.


I can disable it and then re-enable it, but it still says "running". I can delete the schedule and recreate it, but after a while it reports "running" again and actually doesn't run.


I've turned off the timeout indicator, and also tried adjusting the time before turning it off altogether.


Is there a way to kick-start it again without re-booting the machine?