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Control Go 12 from desktop client

Question asked by on Jun 13, 2012

Can anyone help with this? I have a system in FM12 for recording sales which need a signature. These are captured on an iPod Touch. At the moment, this is single user, with FMP12 hosting the solution and the iPod connecting wirelessly, but it is intended to become a fully served version with FMServer 12 with 5 or 6 (10 or 12 if you include the iPods) clients.


At the moment signature capture is effected by selecting an invoice from a list on the iPod, but I need it to work in the following way:


A new record is created and data entered on the desktop version.

A button press (or script trigger) prompts the ipod to open the (container) signature input field for the current desktop record
(let's not worry about the annoying way Go insists on you choosing "signature" manually before you can sign and there is no way of scripting that).

The customer signs and presses "Accept".

The record on desktop machine shows new signature (and performs further actions).


So far I've thought of setting the current active record uid into a global and having an onTimer script running on the iPod that updates that continually, looking for a change then popping up a container field (probably a global), waiting for input, then assigning it to the relevant record. How do I then visually update the record on the desktop machine without using an onTimer script as that is already being used for something else? I feel there must be a better approach and can see the opportunity for errors when it moves from single user.


Many thanks.