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    FMP 10 Trial

      This may sound crazy but does anyone know where I can find the trial version of FileMaker Pro version 10? I'm working with a school that can't really afford multiple copies of FileMaker (11 or 12) and the Instant Web Publishing access of the database just will not cut it. I'm interested in testing the solution we have working as a runtime right now but we will soon need to access it from multiple locations on the network and be able to use all of the functionality (printing, sorting, reports, scripts and the like).

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          Stephen Huston

          Are you currently using a runtime built in 10 and you want to test openeing it in FM Pro 10 instead?


          You can test opening it with 11 to learn about the same thing as you would in 10 since they work with the same FP7 file format. You will still have the same issues with needing multiple copies for networking.


          Or am I missing something about what you hope to accomplish with FM Pro 10?

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            A useful page for older trial versions of FMP...



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              I run into poorly funded non-profits like this a lot and pretty much avoid talking to them about such things because if they can't afford software, how can they afford a developer?  I just have to hear a sad story and then feel guilty, but I still need to run a business.  I just avoid the whole story to begin with so I don't have to feel guilty. 


              That aside, the cheap solution now is to go mobile.  Buy a FileMaker server and have them access it with iPads, iPhones and iTouches since FileMaker Go is free.  This works great if they already have these mobile tools.  And Instant Web Publishing kindof works OK, especially if they don't have a lot of users.  


              I think schools get a pretty decent discount on FileMaker assuming they are a legitimate school. 


              And sometimes I tell them they can do it all for free in MySQL and PHP and send them on their way to figure those things out <cynical grin>.  


              To answer your question, Sorry I do not have a trial version of 10, but I do have full versions of 10 in case you have license numbers. 

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                Well the reason they can afford the developer is because I'm a student volunteer who works with the department.  I created the solution on my own whim but didn't take into account the necessecity for simultaneous access.  It is a legitimate university, the department I am involved with just doesn't have that sort of budget to spend on technology as it needs to be spent on feeding the volunteers and customers (New Student Orientation).


                We don't have a lot of users but each of the stations needs to be able ot print off reports and export the data, two things which IWP cannot do (as far as I can tell).  As far as the reports go, they do show up online but they loose all of the sub-summary features.


                I'm all for using 10 I just would like to test the solution and make sure that it would work since I developed it in FMP 11.


                If I had the time to teach myself MySQL and/or PHP I'd do it but alas, school and work go on and FMP is quite easy to start with and doesn't take too much effort to learn advanced features.


                Thank you for your thoughts.

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                  I've developed the solution with FMP 11 Advanced but I would like to be able to test it in FMP 10 to see if it would even be a possibility of purchasing licenses for 10 rather than 11 or 12.

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                    Stephen Huston

                    Unless you can find someone who is abandoning their FM licenses without upgrading, you cannot legally buy licenses for 10 cheaper than 11.


                    When I upgrade from 10 to 11 to 12, I don't have the right to resell my old 10 license  -- that's why I am allowed to buy the new version at an upgrade price instead of the full-bore New price. My license for 10 is still part of my upgrade deal for 11, 12, and later upgrades, and I cannot legally sell it even though I no longer use 10.

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                      Hi Crister.


                      You should really consider purchasing the FM Pro 12 Server.

                      I to had a simular issue working as a voulunteer at a non-profit organisation - and we have not upgraded since FM 6 (yep, believe it or not - but it has worked fine all those years) to FM 11.

                      With the student/non-profit discount you get aprx. 50% of - and the new FM GO 12 is free of charge for you iPhone or iPad (if you use FM GO 11 you will have additional cost for purchasing apps for some reason).


                      If you install a FM Pro 12 on the server as well (also awailible with student discount) - you can access and edit your databases directly on the server via a screen sharing solution (build in in MAC).

                      If you have a serveredition of the 10 or 11 you can further more get a reduces price on the update (same as student price for the FM server 12).


                      For print of reports etc. I would recommend the HP LaserJet P1100W series - its very low price and very effecient and will work with the AirPrint from iPhone, iPad and iTouch.


                      You will then have a setup that is a minimum of investment and is scalable at no additional cost in software (only Apple hardware and perhaps some extra printers).


                      This was of cause only a suggestion how to make a very low cost databasesystem - but the best of luck to get the FM 10 for your solution.


                      BR. Claus B.

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                        there is no price difference between FileMaker Pro 10 or 11 or 12 for that matter when purchased directly from FMI. As an educational institution you can buy a volume license for a good price per user and then it's just $5 for the downgrade to 11. You might via ebay get FM 10 boxed copies my customer just bought 5 that way recently and I think they were around $100 each which is the best price I have heard of.