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    Website hosting


      I recall seeing a post in here once (although I can't find it now), about a company that would host websites using Filemaker Server Advanced as the underlying DB. Does anyone know of companies that provide that service and have any experience using them? I have a web application (pretty complex), which I think some of my clients would like to not host themselves. I myself am not looking to get into the hosting business, so perhaps utilizing a company that provides that type of service is a good alternative. Obviously things like backup services, server quality, memory, etc. would be important.

      Any leads and comments about experiences would be appreciated.

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          I have tried, and heard good things, about Point-in-Space and Triple8.  There are a bunch of them, but I haven't used most of them.  I've heard good things about WorldCloud also, but I've not used them yet.

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            I've worked with Point-in-space and Digital Forest. I believe you can find a list of providers here:



            Be sure to check the "Show only Hosting Providers" checkbox. and enter other criteria if needed.



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              I use LongTerm Solutions. Been very happy with them.



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                Check Out: http://www.productivecomputing.com


                Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is a full service FileMaker Pro hosting company. FileMaker hosting services allow customers to host their own FileMaker Pro solutions on Productive Computing servers in the cloud instead of purchasing and supporting the necessary server infrastructure themselves.


                Try a 30-day FREE trial today!



                FileMaker Hosting Differences You Can Count On:

                While there are many choices out there for hosting a FileMaker Pro database, keeping things focused and simple to efficiently accomplish your hosting needs is our philosophy. Here are some things that make Productive Computing, Inc.'s FileMaker Pro database hosting service different:

                1. We are a large FileMaker Platinum development firm with extensive expert knowledge of all things FileMaker (not just a hosting company who may or may not know how FileMaker works under the hood).
                2. We have physical servers with SSD drives (nothing virtual, nothing outdated) and as a result have read/write times faster than traditional hard drives.
                3. We don’t overload our servers with too many files or customers and we always use the latest version of FileMaker Server and OS security patches after we have tested them.
                4. We perform local backups, twice daily backups to a physical attached drive, and to the cloud. That gives us 3 points of redundancy for disaster recovery and up to 30 days of data as well as weekly and monthly snapshots.
                5. We provide a weekly DropBox backup (more often if needed) for those customers who want the peace of mind to know their data is at their fingertips. No cumbersome FTP programs are required to get at your data should you need it.
                6. We provide direct FileMaker Server admin console access for users on FileMaker 12 where they can close and open files, download files, etc. We can provide direct access to FileMaker 11 Server admin as well for developers who request it.
                7. We provide a unique Instant Web Publishing (IWP) scenario that will auto redirect IWP users to a web page of your choosing upon IWP time out or IWP log out. We developed this technology here in-house and it’s truly one of a kind.
                8. Distance from the server to the client is a big factor which is why we are continuing to invest in our infrastructure by putting servers in all corners of the country.