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Discussion created by mactitioner on Jun 14, 2012
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The Situation:


Once a week a report is generated automatically and sent to me in a CSV format with the names of employees and the deals they closed that week.


Every week my job is to manually count how many times an employee's name shows up on this report and present this information to my higher-ups to show how many deals an employee closed that week.


To avoid manually counting and potentially miss counting I wanted to deploy a small FileMaker database solution to handle this process for me.


Where I'm currently at:


I have created the first table in my DB that contains all the employees on file and their relevant data.


Since I only need to calculate this once per week over a 13 week quarter I have created 13 separate tables each to represent one week in the quarter.


The question:


What is the best way to automate this process so that I can click a button and import the weekly report so that it then counts all the times an employees name shows up on a report?


I was thinking a "count if" statement would do the trick but I don't know how to create a calculation that wouldn't require me going into the report each week and defining what fields should be counted.


Thank you in advance for everyone's support on this project. As I'm relatively new to FileMaker I have been taking online training with VTC and Lynda but I find that some of their materials come up short where I really need them.