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    Conditional formating


      I have following repetiton fields ID number, catalog number, description, serial number and quantity in table called bill of lading. Second table related to this one is warehouse status. When I input ID number in first field, other fields are automaticaly filled using lookup option. However, sometimes I want to delete certain ID number and all related information for this ID number. I tried to do this to create calculation field instead of lookup and after this did not worked I tried with conditional formating but no luck as well. Can this be done or using portals is only way?

      Using FMP for several years now, I know my problem would be solved if I would use portals instead of repetition fields, but at the time my database was created, I was not familiar enough with portals. Now, my database serve my daily needs and I want to improve if possible.

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          I'm not sure how conditional formatting would help you update data, but that's beside the point. I suggest that, rather than investing energy into a flawed structure, you convert your repetition fields into proper records, which can be easily done with a script. Then the answer to your original problem is simply deleting a related record / portal row.