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    FMPA 12 Graphics Resolution?


      Because FMP still doesn't allow conditional formatting for graphic elements (lines, rectangles, etc.) I am having to create them in a graphics program, import them into container fields, then create calc fields that result in one version of the image or another based on the content of other fields (as usual).


      The problem that I am having is that I cannot get these images to line up with lines or boxes rendered in version 12 (as field borders or lines or other graphic elements drawn on the layout). I am using png format, which has always been the most successful for me for images imported into FileMaker. But, even when I create an image that exactly matches the dimensions of the FMP graphic it will be replacing (in points) it seems that the size doesn't hold. I am wondering what screen resolution FMP is using (my guess is 72 dpi or 96 dpi) and how that would translate when the layout is printed. If it matters, this solution is being developed in Windows 7 and will be run by a client who is using only that OS.



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          Don't know if this helps you: While FM doesn't provide Conditional Formatting for graphics elements, you can CF buttons which you insert with the Button Tool. Simply place the new “button”, remove the standard formatting, size it as you like (make it a rectangle, a line etc.), then apply Conditional Formatting.

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            That might work in this case, because the images are simply lines and rectangles. But I'd still like to know what is going on with FMP graphics, for future reference, or if this workaround doesn't workaround. Thanks.

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              Stephen Huston

              Graphics placed directly on an FMP12 layout will pinrt at their original resolution. However graphics placed into and used as container content will print at the current screen's resolution.


              This is the result of the new thumbnails fucntionality introduced with FM12. In older versions, prints would still retain the original image detail even when in a container field. Now they must be placed directly on the layout as their own object, not in a container, to keep full resolution.


              I can't help but think that FMInc will need to add an option to change this eventually.

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                In this case, the images have to go into container fields. What is placed on the layout are calc fields with the result being one of several possible images. The images are lines that can can make a rectangle that appears to increase in height, based on the content of other fields.


                I tried the button solution mentioned above, but quickly found that it would not work. Conditional formatting won't allow me to apply formatting to the button borders (to make one or more of them "visible" or "invisible").


                So, it's back to storing images in container fields, referenced by calcs. The problem I am having is that, when I start with png images of identical size (one containing the top and sides of the box, another containing the bottom and sides, the other containing just the sides) to make up the rectangle, they all seem to be rendering at different sizes. FMP wants to add more space at the top or bottom or sides, depending on which image is displayed.


                One question about the "current screen resolution", does that mean the monitor's resolution (1280 x 1024, in my case)? That would mean importing images as large a my full screen and letting FMP shrink them to lest than 24 x 13 points. Or do you mean the resolution specified by graphics programs (96 dpi, 72 dpi, etc.) or some other measurement? I want to render the graphics at the same resolution as the thumbnails, so FMP won't have to change anything and be given an opportunity to do so incorrectly.



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                  Stephen Huston

                  Rendering at the current screen resolution means, if your monitor is set to 72 dpi, the container that is visible is going to be rendered at 72 dpi, regardless of the size of the image it stores. If you make the container field object on the layout smaller or larger, the graphic will still be re-rendered at 72dpi at that size.


                  So, for instance, if you import a 3MB PNG graphic and display it via a 2-inch container field on a 72-dpi monitor, you will get a 72-dpi image of 2 inches.


                  Thumbnails in 12 are a different animal than stored thumbnails in previous versions, and they only give screen resolution, no matter what the actual stored image contains as data.

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                    I am going to try turning off thumbnail generation and see if it has any effect. Keep in mind that what the user sees is not the container field, but the calc field displaying an image as a result of the calc. I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

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                      Turning off thumbnail generation seems to have worked. But I had to make the calc fields that contain the resulting images 1 pt larger vertically, to allow them to line up properly when one field appears directly under the other on the layout.

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                        This may be down to the border settings you have for the container field. For some reason(?) that I've never understood, borders on containers seem to act differently to other objects; normally turning off all borders does what you'd expect (regardless of line width and colour) whereas for containers, having all borders off leaves a 1 px/pt 'gap' around the image (again regardless of settings) . Getting rid of this 'gap' seems to require turning all borders on and setting the line width to 0.

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                          You made my day :-)


                          although the behaviour of FileMaker seems to be pure nonsense in that regard ... :-(

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                            I frequently need to conditionally format rectangles and what I do is use the type tool, click on a layout, hit the spacebar, and enter a blank character into a text label, then style this conditionally.  Works fine for me.