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FMPA 12 Graphics Resolution?

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by SecretWeaponLabs

Because FMP still doesn't allow conditional formatting for graphic elements (lines, rectangles, etc.) I am having to create them in a graphics program, import them into container fields, then create calc fields that result in one version of the image or another based on the content of other fields (as usual).


The problem that I am having is that I cannot get these images to line up with lines or boxes rendered in version 12 (as field borders or lines or other graphic elements drawn on the layout). I am using png format, which has always been the most successful for me for images imported into FileMaker. But, even when I create an image that exactly matches the dimensions of the FMP graphic it will be replacing (in points) it seems that the size doesn't hold. I am wondering what screen resolution FMP is using (my guess is 72 dpi or 96 dpi) and how that would translate when the layout is printed. If it matters, this solution is being developed in Windows 7 and will be run by a client who is using only that OS.