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Failure when inserting text into ESS MySQL Field in FMP layout?

Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Jun 14, 2012

FMP 12


When pasting text that has ceratin characters into a Fild from a MySQL ESS table - the record reverst when committed, somtimes with SQL error presendted by FMP, somtimes without. This happens most ften when pasting text form an emai, which can cnatin odd line break characters and verticial tabs


The same text on the other hand is acepted when pasted in the same field using Navitcat or a simlar tool direct into the SQL db. Via that route FMP subsqeuently renders it with odd (looking) characters.



These caracters are quite hard to find: evet paste in to a plain text .txt file and then recopying does not remove them. I am trying to make it easy for a non expert to use this layout and am looking for a good way to "clean" text before pasting it into a SQL text or varchar field in FileMaker Pro.