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    Start fmp11 client from desktop icon?


      In much earlier version of FMP I can start a client by simply clicking on a desktop icon. Is there a way to accomplish this in FMP11 and not require the client to go through the Remote Open steps?

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          You can create a desktop shortcut to a database by going to File / Send / Link to Database and that will give you a link.


          You can also create a new shortcut (windows) by right click on desktop selecting New -> Shortcut.


          There shortcut looks like fmp7://DatabaseLocation/DatabaseName.fp7

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            You can script the open remote step and save the file to automatically run this script (and close self, if desired) in what I call an "opener" database file. I put this on the desktop or an alias to it.


            You can even put the user's credentials here to automatically open the remote file without login, but this allows anyone with access to the user's desktop to open that remote file. So be mindful of doing this!



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              Marvelous!  Works like a charm.  Thanks much!!

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                I'm replying to this old thread, as I'd searched for the answer to this everywhere, and found it very difficult to find. Specifically I didn't just want to place the link on the desktop, but directly in the startbar and quicklaunch toolbar. Both solutions described above can't be pinned directly to the taskbar. After finding an expired post on http://reliablesoftworks.com through the internetarchive I found the answer.


                For anyone who needs to solve this one the following file can be placed on the taskbar etc easily:


                1. Creat a new shortcut


                2. Set the location of the item as:

                "C:\Program Files (x86)\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 13\FileMaker Pro.exe" fmp://server.address/filename.fmp12


                eg. "C:\Program Files (x86)\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 13\FileMaker Pro.exe" fmp://n35.fmphost.com/mydatabase.fmp12


                3. Change the name of the shortcut to your filename

                4. Change the icon to a custon icon if desired

                5. Drag to the taskbar


                Hope this is helpful for someone


                Nb. This example is for FM13 - for FM11 fmp:// should be replaced with fmp7://