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Bug in New Window

Question asked by keysolutions on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2013 by acohensitt

Recently I migrated a FileMaker 11 database to 12.

Unfortunatly I’m not all to happy with it.


What’s the problem? I’m using a number of popups (which is nice to use on Mac!) for choosing contents.

With FM11 this was absolutly no problem.


Since I migrated the database to FM12 I stumble onto a very big problem. Opening the new window causes a number of times a freeze of the database.

If I have a look into the debugger about 90% of the times it happens the cause is opening up a new window. The other 10% is caused by a pause in the new window.


To get rid of this I have to stop the script (sometimes the script has already finished, so there is nothing to stop), save a copy of the file (which fortunatly is possible) and kill the FM process.


I have tried to play with the new options in the ‘new window’ script step, but nothing seems to help.


Since a number of my solutions use this technique I not all to eager to switch to FM12.

This database is my own so if anything happens, bad luck, I always have my backup. But I don’t want to take risks with customer databases.


Anyone else having this problem?

Anyone with some bright ideas about solving this problem?


I’m using an iMac with Mac OS X 10.7.4 and FM Advanced 12.