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    CSV import in FM, Windows vs Mac


      I have a CSV file that I'm using to bring data in from some other software into Filemaker. This works fine on my mac.


      When I run the same solution in FMP on a windows machine, the commas aren't recognized as separators and the entire "row" is brought is as a single "field".


      The carriage returns are recognized on both platforms.


      The text code UTF-8 format.


      Is there some thing I'm missing?


      thanks in advance for any advice.


      Greg Bloxham

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          I don't have an answer for you, but I have noticed something interesting.  Usually when you have CSV values, the text fields are enclosed by double quotes and not single quotes.  Do you know why yours have single quotes?  I wonder if you did a Find and Replace for single quotes to Double Quotes, if the import works. 

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            I can import this file without a problem on my Windows box. The commas are recorgnized and the data is imported into 8 separate fields but the single quotes are included with each data value. It's not clear why you are experiencing a problem. Are you sure that you are specifying that you are importing a csv file?


            Another example of relatively inflexible import/export options in FileMaker. I wish they would put a more robust interface on the import/export options that would allow the user to specify the field delimitter and whether single or double quotes are used. Come on, this is basic stuff.