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    New FM12 Container previews calc


      I'm excited about the possibilities that the new container system in FMP12 might offer, I have one reservation that's keeping me from going at it full tilt.


      I deal with lots of PDFs, so I would like to use a container to store the PDF and use the image thumbnail calc to get an image of the PDF page when needed, but what if I want a thumbnail of the 2nd or 3rd page in a PDF document.


      There doesn't seem to be a way to do that.


      Any advice would be appreciated.


      Greg Bloxham

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          There is almost nothing FileMaker 12 does that isn't better with container fields than 11.  One of the cool things is to the field type to optimize it for PDFs (see below in red circle).  That lets you interactively scroll through pages in your FileMaker layout so that you can see more than the first page of a PDF preview.  It is pretty slick.  Now I am not sure how you were getting thumbnails out of FileMaker 11 PDFs.  You can shrink the FileMaker 12 field down to thumb nail size in a layout and still scroll through it if that is what you want.  The only FileMaker plugin that resizes pictures that I am familiar with is CNS Image Plugin, and it does handle PDFs.  It is a pretty cool plugin for resizing pictures to make thumbnails.  http://www.cnsplug-ins.com/plug-ins/cns_image