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    A slow printing issue


      Good day,


      I have a slow printing issue.

      When I click print, it takes up to 10 seconds for the printer to receive the information from my FM12 database.

      However, when I print from my FM12 purchase order file it is instant.

      Does anyone have any ideas for how to solve this issue?


      Thank you

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          Stephen Huston

          It probably has to do with the complexity of the layouts. FMP12 uses new technology to render layouts, and the more complex the layout, the longer it will take to print. It's not simply grabbing a screenshot and printing it, so layouts of different complexity will take different periods to spool to the printer, and the printer will then have to sort out the volume of info received from FM and rasterize it for printing.


          Be sure that your printer drivers as the latest, and be careful to print from layouts which contain only what you need to print so that FMP12 can avoid coping with unnecessary stuff on your print layouts.

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            Hi Stephen,

            This is a very straight forward layout with no images or fancy graphics. I would not consider it to be complex in any way.

            I just timed it at 14 seconds to spool. (Yikes!)

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              This is 2012

              It is no longer time to accept any of this nonsense.

              It is a hygiene factor to print simply and quickly.


              FMP12 produces shockingly large printer spooler files from the simplest layout ( no field and 1 x 8kb png graphic) When the image is stretched to A4 width it gives a 40MB plus spooler file.

              With the same settings I can produce a 28 page complex doument from InDesign and still not get over 25MB


              The print engine in FMP needs a radical overhaul, and the more people who voice their dissatisfaction the better. Frankly I dont care WHY in a technical sense this happens, it is time to fix it.

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                I didn't know this was an ongoing issue.

                It sure is aggravating and negatively affects production.

                At the moment, we are averaging 48 prints per day from this database which will more than double by the time it is finished.

                The math doesn't look good.

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                  Can you expand on this; 'be careful to print from layouts which contain only what you need to print so that FMP12 can avoid coping with unnecessary stuff on your print layouts'.



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                    Stephen Huston

                    A couple of more notes:


                    I was not defending this behavior but trying to explain why it is slower. I agree printing should be fast, but there are reasons that it isn't always as fast in 12, and I also hope FMInc will deal with it.


                    As for simplifying print layouts, what I'm getting at is designing layouts specifically for print:

                    1. no custom formatting -- put it on the print layout the way it should print.
                    2. no non-printing objects
                    3. no unneeded images, backgrounds, and remove fills from pre-12 converted layout objects.
                    4. no stacked objects unless essential, in which case, minimize overlapping/stacked objects
                    5. reduce the need for sliding-when-printing objects whenever possible
                    6. use as little  font formatting as possible, and rely on fonts which are included in your printer drivers (usually Verdana and Times New Roman are in most drivers and are cross-platform). This may reduce the amount of font metrics which must spool to your printer.

                    In short, create layouts purposed just for printing if you have problems with a layout being significantly slower in 12 than in 11.


                    Again, I am not saying this is good, I am trying to help solve a problem from the developers' end until FMInc helps us solve it from their end.

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                      I use Merge Fields for some text and sliding objests is turned off but the rest of the layout is very simple with just text fields from the same table using Ariel font.


                      Thank you for helping me to understand this and I hope FM sees this as a serious issue and is hard at work to fix it.



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                        I just printed a purchase Order from the Starter Solutions and it prints very fast.

                        Why would that be?

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                          Stephen Huston

                          I understand that the strater solutions which ship with 12 were built from the ground up using 12, so they were probably optimized carefully, and they were never converted, which requires writing a bunch of invisible CSS-type code into the file in order to render the layout. So their CSS code was optimized right from the get-go.

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                            Thank you Stephen.

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                              Hear Hear - I have stripped my invoices and Jobsheets down to absolute minimum and still rendering MASSIVE files - have tried PS and PCL6 printer drivers - cannot get PCL5e for the new machines that we are using and with or without images it is unworkably slow.

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                                Stephen Huston

                                Have you installed the 12 version update which was recently released? It was supposed to address some of the print problems, though reports indiacte not all by any means.


                                Again, I'm not defending the problem, just trying to help find a coping mechanism -- hve you tried rebuilding the layout by creating a new layout, not a duplicate, but one from a fresh new theme, and seeing if you can create one that prints acceptably from scratch in 12?


                                If that works, that would help pin this down as a file/layout-conversion/CSS issue.

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                                  Yes I have done this and makes little difference – still creating a 3mb file to spool. My current workaround is to save as PDF and print that but not ideal.


                                  I have 5 small logos in the invoice but even removing those makes minimal difference.


                                  Thanks for the suggestions though