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Help troubleshooting fmp7script URL scheme failures in a multi-user setup

Question asked by jdornbos on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by steve_ssh

I have been using the url scheme fmp7script with CNS Barcode scanning software on iPad 2's in combination with a FMP 11 database hosted on a macbook. During setup, with one or two ipads, everything works as expected - the database is open and shared on the mac, the ipads have the database open in FM Go, they hit the button to scan the barcode and are taken over to CNS Barcode to scan, the scanner beeps indicating a successful scan, returns them to the database and populates the field with the barcode value. All is good.


Add a third ipad - life is still good. Add a fourth ipad and now instead of populating the field with the barcode value, FM Go thinks for 10 seconds or so after the scan, like it's trying to figure out where to go, then I am returned to the database, to the same screen, but the return script is never fired. If I hit the button to scan a second time, it will reliably scan and record the value correctly. Adding that fourth ipad doesn't absolutely break things - sometimes it will scan on the first try, other times it requires the second scan. And it's not just the fourth ipad that has troubles, once the fourth ipad is added, all of the ipads begin having the same problem.


In running through the troubleshooting, I have updated all copies of FM Go, FMP and CNS Barcode to the latest versions. I also installed and tested pic2shop pro as the barcode scanner. That behaves exactly the same as CNS Barcode - reliable until the fourth ipad is added. I also installed FM Server for testing purposes - hosting the database there instead of FM Pro - and had the same results.


I'm getting to the point where I'm out of things I can think of to test. It appears that with a shared database, there's a problem with using the fmp7script scheme. Any suggestions - either on how to fix the problem or how to get that scanned barcode value stuffed into my database.