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    pop up


      Hi All,

      This is driving me nuts!! i'm relatively new to FM12. All I want to do is the following:

      a) I have a layout (lets call it ABC) displays some info

      b) Somewhere on ABC I want to place a Button that SIMPLY activates a little 'HELP' or "Information Screen" - something like a popup window that OVERLAYS onto the ABC layout.

      c) After the user reads, he/she can quit and return back to the ABC layout.

      d) I have already designed this 'HELP' layout but I dont want it replacing it my main layout ... OR am I on the wrong track?


      I know this seems fairly simple but I'm reading everybody's technical advice and it confusing me ....


      Does anybody havde a plain/simple explanantion or answer?


      Thank You so much ....

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          You need a script to attach to the button - You can attach an action directly to a button, but only one action.  For this, you need at least two steps - open the window and go to the Layout.  You can do this with a script.




          Look at the New Window and Go to Layout script steps. 


          New Window opens a new window. Go to layout goes to the help layout.


          You may want to add some additional script steps to position the window.



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            Stephen Huston

            Use the New Window script step to create the floating window. You can specify it's position, name, and size with the Specify button. You can also specify the window's style in the Specify Advaced Style button area, and choose either Floating document style to keep it floating in front while allowing users to work in another window. Or you can specify Modal window, which requires that users deal with the window before being allowed to leave it.


            Be sure you place a Close or Done button on the layout you will use so they can close a Modal window or the FMP12 system will be stuck in that window forever!


            You then script Go To Layout for the layout you want after opening the new window.


            Be very careful that you understand that, if you choose a Modal window type, you must hae a way for the user to close the window on the layout via a button or other feature to avoid freezing FileMaker.

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              Thanks a million for your crisp clear and concise answer ...

              was helpful



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                Thanks Stephen,

                You're right - it takes clear understanding ...


                I'm learning .. getting there ... and loving it!!!



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                  So.. the layout "resides" in the window that you define ...

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                    each widow has (contains) a layout; the layout can be 'viewed' in different ways ( views: form, list, table) dependending on the MODE






                    So yes, the layout 'resides' within the window content area.


                    Have a look in FM Help re modes...


                    Each layout is defined to a Table Occurrence (TOC) that is created in the Relationship Graph (Define Database - Relationship tab).

                    Each TOC is a representation of its parent Base Table (BT) - the table that defines the fields; (Define Database - Tables tab).

                    Each TOC can have its own subset of the records in its parent Base Table, at any given time, or display all the records in the parent Base Table.


                    So 2 layouts can be defined to display records from 2 different TOC, but the same BaseTable. This may initially seem peripheral, but is an important concept to grasp ( at some point).

                    For example, 2 TOC of Persons ( Persons_male, Persons_female) , 2 layouts each assigned with respective male/female TOC, could be used to display 2 window at the same time, each with difefrent subsets(i.e. male, female) of all Persons. There are of course other ways to achieve the same end, but  this is only meant to be an illustration of different layouts.

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                      Makes it much clearer thanks. Much appreciated