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Questions about Tab Layouts

Question asked by Tim_Ballering on Jun 16, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by Claw'd

I must confess ignorance on a subject I should know. Though I've used FileMaker extensively, starting in the pre Claris days before it had "Pro" attached to its name, I have never used the FMP built in tab layout elements. Rather we use graphic elements to create our own tab format.


Now as we are testing and preparing our databases for FMP 12 the thought came to me that as the tab control is a native FMP element that it would have lower overhead than our graphics and may offer better performance, particularly in WAN applications. Is this an accurate assumption?


If the above assumption is valid, then I have questions on using the tab layouts. Reading the FMP help files and Google have not helped me get my head around the concept. For example it appears that the tabs cannot natively switch to layouts from different table occurances.


Can someone point me to a good, concise tutorial or example file on using tab layout design?




Tim Ballering