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Filemaker print using Zebra ZPL language

Question asked by clausboysen on Jun 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by edpod2101

Hi everyone.


Im currently doing a simple labelprint to the Zebra LP 2844 Plus and can of cause use the windows print command to get the label layout as seen on screen.


Since I am going to print barcodes it would be preferable to make the print command in the Zebra ZPL ( I or II ) language to skip installation of bar-code fonts on every PC (200+). And is driven by a FM-ser-adv. 11 on a MAC server - and controlled by FM GO.


I've looked into the DDE commands, but without succes yet. I have created a calculationfield to prep. the output string in the ZPL language, but since I cannot initiate any send-function to the printer I am in a bit of a problem.


Could anybody help me in my quest for using the "native" ZPL language ang get at simple print like ^XA^FO65,150^BY2^BEN,30,Y,N^FD123456789012^FS^XZ


If needed we will upgrade to the FM 12, and Server 12 if it will provide the solution.


Thank you for your kind assistance.



Claus B.