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Re-Login with Separation Model

Question asked by jmundok on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2015 by JohnGagne

I have a solution with an interface file and a data file. There's a process in the interface file that creates and/or deletes accounts in both files.


I would like to add a simple Re-Login script to the interface file so that a power user can change security levels without having to close both files first. Here's the problem. If I just run a re-login script in the interface file, the data file stays open with the original account/priv set. This is undesirable. I tried to close the data file after the re-login step in the script thinking that it would re-open using the current credentials, but I get an error 13 that the file is in use and can't be closed.


Anybody know a way to force that data file closed so that it will re-open with the current interface credentials? Or some other approach to solve this?