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Not able to fetch image from URL.

Question asked by dharnishr on Jun 18, 2012

From the server I can fetch the data, but not able to fetch the image from the server. I am getting back with error as show below.


Environment: My Local machine

FileMaker pro 12


FileMaker pro 12 Server: My local machine

Browser: My local machine

Client: FileMaker pro 12


Filemaker pro 12 trail version



Note: a) In filemaker pro database, image column is having space in it.

b) I am able to see the image in the column.


Part of XML:


<<My Ip address>>/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=frenchs&-lay=artiste&-findall




Trying to fetch the image mentioned in the above data section. Server is throwing error.


URL: http://<<Ipaddress>>/fmi/xml/cnt/01256%20NYMet%20Barye.jpg?-db=frenchs&-lay=artiste&-recid=3&-field=images%20def::Image%281%29


Error as show below:



Any hint or help will be apperciated.


Is this a bug due to space in column or space in file name.?