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    FMPA Custom Menus - Wow!


      Amongst all the pain and negative comments regarding FMP12, we wanted to highlight a new feature that we are loving, but have hardly seen mentioned - the new 'Install when' feature in 'Custom Menu' and 'Menu Items' in FMPA12.


      What a fantastic time saver, being able to control the appearance of menus and menu items depending on the full suite of conditions available within FileMaker. We've always had numerous menus that took a lot of time to create and maintain; menu with new record and delete record, menu with new record and no delete record, menu with no new record and no delete record, etc. Using this new feature and hijacking the likes of 'New Record' and 'Duplicate Record' using scripts, we're able to create solutions with very few custom menus and take advantage of the status area, which we no longer hide in our solutions.


      Absolutely loving this!



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          FMP 12 has significant changes.  It seems that the negative always preceeds understanding of the positive, i.e., people like to complain.

          While there are issues that will need addressing, I'm sure FM will get to them with the usual updates.  As you have found, there are plenty

          of positive goodies to learn about and as usual in our community, ways of exploiting and expanding them are sure to come.


          We've seen this pattern so many times with FMP upgrading you'd think that a little trust of FM's foresight would develop.  Each version

          is not a closed world unto itself; there are long term goals in the products development and it's a distinct advantage to embrace and

          master each as it comes.




          William O'Keefe

          Frenel Solutions

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            There is a lot to like about FMP 12.  The problem is that the huge negative of much slower list views and other general slow downs made solutions untenable when converting from FMP 11 to FMP 12. For this, people are still waiting for Filemaker to iron out the bugs in a version 2 of FMP 12 before jumping in.

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              There is no doubt that the marketing team won the battle over the quality control team with this release. FileMaker have a responsibility to ensure the basics work and it is evident that, with this version, many of these don't. The list of problems are well documented and our productivity took a nose dive with our first v12 projects - try using the script debugger with the data viewer open!


              We are huge FileMaker fans - the product and the company. Our living is built around it and that is where our trust in FileMaker has to be tempered. Repeatedly, outstanding problems continue to get ignored with each release as the focus remains on new features (and bugs) to boost revenue. There has to be a significant update before Devcon, otherwise it will be too uncomfortable for anyone wearing a FileMaker shirt.


              We know it will get better and we'll not want to go back to using v11 on older projects - eventually!


              I believe this thread sums up version 12 beautifully. The intention was to highlight a brilliant new feature that we haven't seen discussed and yet we're in the FMP12 good/bad discussion. If you haven't tried the custom menu 'Install when' feature, we recommend giving it some attention.


              Thanks for the input, much appreciated



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                Good luck with your projects and conversions Andy.  I'll be moving my product to 12, carefully, later this year; perhaps updates will have arrived by then.


                I have many questions for the FM folks in Miami and hope to get a clearer vision of how my conversion will need to go.  Perhaps with enough developer support / pressure we could get FM to take a break from the new feature path and devote one upgrade to fixing all the problems everyone has been voicing concern over for so long; like a big reset and then move on.....


                William O'Keefe

                Frenel Solutions

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                  Just to be clear marianco...SOME people are waiting.  I've talked to a number of developers and development firms that have fully converted to 12.  Their internal systems, and customers existing solutions, and new projects.  The people not having issues with FM are simply not as vocal, nor do they have the need to come to the forums to complain about it.


                  I am personally excited to see if they have address some of the issues I've run into.  And I'm confident they will address the major ones.

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                    Indeed, Josh. I personally have not seen any issues with my solutions. In fact, I've been very pleased with the performance of 12, and have fully converted, wherever I can.


                    Maybe I just got lucky.   



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                      Hi Andy:


                      I agree, there is a big focus on new features, and the older features tend to get somewhat ignored.  There are a host of older features that I really like, but I consider maybe 80% "done".  FMI needs to take some time and resources to get the last 20% of these features completed and really fill in some of the gaps.


                      My short list includes:

                      Improving ESS performance, (allow sorts to be done on the server, optimize cross relation finds, support Binary Data, provide a FM based means for table filtering in the scope of security)

                      IWP, give us basic support for Dialogs, and now with FM12, support FM12 styles, provide support for field level triggers.

                      Charting, support for assigning button type scripts to parts of a chart for drill down capability.

                      Reporting, being able to assign sub-totals dynanically, improving the speed of sub-totals and totals in general. (FM12 has improved in some instances, but it is still slow)

                      Layouts (Be able to show and hide fields, enable and disable fields via scripting, basic subwindows)


                      What they could use is a "Legacy Feature Czar", who rides heard on improving existing features.  ;-)


                      Will keep politely applying the "pressure" and hoping some of these long standing wishes get addressed.






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                        I can only find two problems, of which only one of them is a holding us back with some solutions.

                        • UI performance with lists, portal scrolls etc.
                        • The limitations to the first implementation of themes.


                        But the themes looks promising and whenever a new version 13:-) or whatever is out, the themes will probably shine!


                        The performance issue will, I am sure, be solved one day. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


                        Everything else, including the new feature mentioned here, the external storage of files and many other details are just great.


                        Best regards