FMPA Custom Menus - Wow!

Discussion created by CICT on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by CarstenLevin

Amongst all the pain and negative comments regarding FMP12, we wanted to highlight a new feature that we are loving, but have hardly seen mentioned - the new 'Install when' feature in 'Custom Menu' and 'Menu Items' in FMPA12.


What a fantastic time saver, being able to control the appearance of menus and menu items depending on the full suite of conditions available within FileMaker. We've always had numerous menus that took a lot of time to create and maintain; menu with new record and delete record, menu with new record and no delete record, menu with no new record and no delete record, etc. Using this new feature and hijacking the likes of 'New Record' and 'Duplicate Record' using scripts, we're able to create solutions with very few custom menus and take advantage of the status area, which we no longer hide in our solutions.


Absolutely loving this!