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Related value lists fail after upgrade to FMP12

Question asked by Doc on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by Doc

Recently upgraded from version 11 FMP to v12 - all went well apart from the fact that all value lists based upon a relationship have stopped functioning. Standard value lists are fine. This happens across the whole system and I am baffled by this. If I add a portal to the layout showing the related records they appear just fine, however I can no long get them to appear from a drop down menu.


An example is that I have a job table, a company is associated via a CompanyID, there is another table of contacts that are linked companyID to companyID in the contacts table and in the job table there is a relationship from the companyID(jobs) to companyID in the contacts table, before the upgrade the list would display a list of contacts belonging to that company so that I could add a specific contact to the job record. When this is first used it works ok, then this list becomes static no matter what the company id it remains as it was first used. Relaunching FM refreshes this.


With both Mac and PC clients, all of which experience the same issues with the drop down menus.


Please note that I use the data separation model and I have been able to replicate the problem by upgrading various previous systems, this is not a one off. I've also put together a very quick set up using the data separation method and achieved the same


Has anyone else experienced this problem? Are my methods flawed? All these drop down menus were working pre-upgrade. Any suggestions gratefully received.