Printing Very Slow

Discussion created by lylacinc on Jun 19, 2012
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I have a client on FileMaker Pro Server 11 Advanced, users are using FileMaker Pro 11, all windows machines. Everything was running fine for about a year. A few days ago the users reported that printing had slowed tremendously. At about the same time, I lost access to FileMaker Server Admin Console getting a message stating "The admin server process may not be running, a required port may not be available, or your machine may be running slowly."


I am working with the client's IS department to try and resolve this. I am low on their priorty list...


This morning, someone in IS reported to me that "we do make network/port changes all the time". I assume that is why Admin Console is no longer working. However, I'm wondering if this is what is affecting the printing?


Thanks for any insight.