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Filemaker Pro 12 Strange Printing Issue omits last line of text in textbox

Question asked by nmreynoso on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by LyndsayHowarth

I just upgraded all of our clients to Filemaker 12, from version 11. I am getting a strange issue where the last line of text in a textbox is simply not printing. It always previews correctly but when I print to two different printers and to pdf on 3 different machines, I get the same issue. It's driving me mad and the issue level is extremely high as we use this comments box for important customer notes on our sales orders.


I've tried re-pasting the text into the box, changing the field to a different field and then back to the previous one, duplicating the layout but nothing works. It's not happening on every order, but it did happen twice to the same user on the same day.


Some ideas would be greatly appreciated!!